Dolly Loves Daddy
to Oct 31

Dolly Loves Daddy

The updates on my website have been sparse, SORRY!  But that's because I've been working on my upcoming short: Dolly Loves Daddy.

The film follows Dolly, a young woman who picks up a man at a train station who may or may not be her father.

The film is my attempt at exploring the Manic Pixie Dream Girl troupe, Daddy Issues, retelling Lolita through the female perspective, and as always- dismantling the male gaze  and postulating the girl gaze. 

I teamed up with my collaborator Michael Tisdale on this project and we crowdfunded, shot, and edited the whole movie in just over one month.  We are currently in post-production and sending drafts out to festivals.

More on this soon!

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...Among other Things...
7:30 PM19:30

...Among other Things...

Iowa New Play Festival

A play by Michael Tisdale

Dir. Taylor Edelle Stuart

It's October 1959 in Moscow, Anya has a secret, so does Theo… It seems everybody does. In this Cold War world of espionage and bipedal cats, does Truth matter or is it just a game to pass the time?

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Welcome to Thebes
4:00 PM16:00

Welcome to Thebes

Taylor will be appearing as Thalia, a minister of Justice, in her fourth and final Mainstage Production at the University of Iowa this March.  She is excited to get to work on this character, in this timely and important production!

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The Girl Who Came Out the Wrong Way
to Oct 31

The Girl Who Came Out the Wrong Way

The Girl Who Came Out the Wrong Way will open at the University of Iowa this Fall.  This project will explore the vast and complex world of mixing cinema and live performance.  Through projections, as a means to enhance the action of the live actors on stage, TGWCOTWW sets out to encompass the most powerful evocative elements of both cinema and theatre to produce and explore a new genre of art.

Written by Taylor's artistic-partner and friend, Caitlin Rose, this script tackles a concept often unexplored in modern and popular cinema and theatre: a female coming of age story written, directed by and staring women.


The Plot: is the story of me. of her. of you. of a woman. any woman. of women. all women. of us.

The Plan: is to tell this story by showing different flashes from moments of life. The story is told in 10 scenes, vignettes, or “flashes”. 

The Inspiration: From every story I have ever heard. was ever told. I have ever told. From my mother. My sister. My friend. My father. From Machinal. From Little Women. From The Glass Menagerie. From every person who told me a woman’s story was this. Or a woman’s story was that. From anyone who told me a woman’s story wasn’t worth the time. Wasn’t worthy. I wasn’t worthy. Because I was born upside down. Because I was born feet first. Because I had urgency. Agency.  Had connection to ground. On which she walks on. On which she takes a stand on. On which she still fights on.

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to Feb 27


Wendigo (Workshop)

A small family ventures into Backbone State Park for their annual camping trip. However, something dark waits in the woods.

By Christopher Ray Matheson
Directed by Taylor Edelle Stuart

February 26, 27 at 8:00 p.m.
Theatre B, UI Theatre Building
Creative Team:
Assistant Director: Robert Siegrist
Stage Manager: Chelsea Schula
Lighting Designer: Alyssa Hitchcock
Scenic Designer: Skyler Matthias
Sound Designer: Taylor Edelle Stuart
Costume Designer: Christopher Ray Matheson
Violence Choreography by Lukas Brasherfons

Hunter Menken as MARCUS
Mackenzie Elsbecker as OLIVIA
Mathias Blakc as DAVID
Yannik Encarnacao ERIC
Anne Ogden as APPARITION

Tickets for Workshops are free of charge; however, you must obtain a ticket at the door and seating is limited.

Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to attend all University of Iowa sponsored events. If you are a person with a disability who requires a reasonable accommodation in order to participate in this program, please contact the Department of Theatre Arts in advance at 319.335.2700.

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Kalina's Klowns
12:00 PM12:00

Kalina's Klowns

Come Join us for our final performance!  Advanced undergraduate acting students are currently enrolled in “Movement Styles: Clown” taught by Paul Kalina, the head of acting at UIowa Theatre.  Come check out the hard work of these clowns!

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Cowboy Mouth
to Dec 12

Cowboy Mouth

Cowboy Mouth By Sam Shepard.  Directed by Taylor Edelle Stuart.

The Rock and Roll love story of Slim and Cavale, two absolute messes living in sin together. The two characters play out their increasingly bizarre fantasies, unable to deal with their hopeless reality, culminating in the arrival of The Lobsterman, a drug-crazed hallucination, or a humble restaurant deliveryman, who visits the couple in their love nest.

This show will premiere as a part of the Undergraduate Director's Festival, a Gallery Production through the University of Iowa.

Playwrights............Sam Shepard & Patti Smith

Scenic Designer..............Ruben Lebron Villegas

Costume Designer.............................Hayley Ryan

Lighting Designer.......Hiram Alexander Orozco

Production Stage Manager.............Tim Mizones


Cavale...................................................Kylie Jansen

Slim...........................................Yannik Encarnação

Lobster Man..........................................Michael Hamlett

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UDF Auditions
12:30 PM12:30

UDF Auditions

I will be holding open auditions with my friends and fellow participants in University of Iowa Department of Theatre Arts Undergraduate Directors Festival Saturday, October 3rd 2015. I'm directing a super wild and exciting short play, and I can't wait to announce the title this week! Please stop by the audition, at the University of Iowa Theatre Arts Building.  We'd love to hear you read!

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