Photo by Mackenzie Lenora

Photo by Mackenzie Lenora

Taylor Edelle Stuart

I am a performing, visual, and digital artist for the stage, screen, and beyond.

I grew up as a dancer, fell in love with film in my adolescence, studied theatre with an emphasis in acting and directing in college, and have since been exploring how all of these ways of approaching art-making may coexist and converse with one another.

I am most curious about how cinema and live performance might mutually benefit from cross-pollination...

How can we make theatre & dance more accessible like film, and how can we make film as real and as visceral as live theatre? 

I direct plays and movies.  Act in them.  Sometimes dance in them.

I create, design, direct, and shoot visual content for a variety of mediums- specializing in projections for live theatre.  


Acting | Directing | Filmmaking